Is It Time for a Water Heater Replacement?
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Let’s Talk Water Heaters

Modern life and hot water heaters go hand in hand. Homeowners need their hot water heater for everyday tasks like enjoying a bubble bath and washing dishes. When a hot water heater goes out, getting it up and running as soon as possible is critical. However, sometimes a professional water heater replacement is necessary. These are the most common signs that it’s time for a replacement instead of repairs.


The hot water heater’s age is one of the biggest indicators that it’s time for a replacement. A tankless water heater can last up to two decades, sometimes even longer, according to Bob Vila. However, this isn’t common; typically, high-efficiency models can last more than 20 years. Consider how long you’ve had yours to determine whether you need water heater replacement services.

Declining Performance

It’s common for a water heater to need repairs as time goes on. A few components may need to be replaced, or the pilot light may start going out more. However, if you notice that you have to make repairs more frequently, it’s a sign that it’ll go out soon. Opt for a replacement to ensure a steady hot water supply instead of scrambling to find a professional when you only have cold water to use.


Corrosion on the tank’s exterior is a big indication that it’ll be time for a replacement soon. This can eventually eat holes in the tank, leading to leaks and poor energy efficiency. If there’s corrosion on the tank’s exterior, there’s likely some on the inside too. This can eat away at critical components and impact water quality; water that is rust-colored or tastes metallic is a sign of interior corrosion.

Energy Bills

When energy bills slowly become higher than usual, that’s a sign that the water heater isn’t operating efficiently. Various factors can cause this. Components starting to wear out make the water heater work harder, using more energy. Outdated products will slowly use more energy as they age, too. Homeowners with outdated models should opt for a water heater replacement to get an energy-efficient version.

Water heater replacement is a fact of life, but it’s important to know whether you need repairs or a replacement before buying a new one. Contact Cole’s Plumbing today for a thorough inspection. Our professionals can evaluate your water heater and help you determine your best option.

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